About Me

I am a PhD Student at the Data Systems Lab of MIT. My research focuses on building practical, performant, and cost-effective cloud systems, with a particular focus on database systems and programming models.


BRAD: Data Mesh Optimization

BRAD aims to unify and jointly optimize (performance-wise and cost-wise) multiple specialized database engines in a workload-dependent manner.

VISC: Transcending the Serverless - Serverful Dichotomy

Virtualized Serverless Computing (VISC) unifies cloud programming APIs behind a single interface, facilitating the use of multiple underlying serverless or serverful implementations. For a given workload, VISC automatically balances these underlying implementations to reach a performance target in a cost-optimal manner.


Check Out the Big Brain on BRAD: Simplifying Cloud Data Processing with Learned Automated Data Meshes
Tim Kraska*, Tianyu Li*, Samuel Madden*, Markos Markakis*, Amadou Ngom*, Ziniu Wu*, Geoffrey Yu*
Venue: VLDB 2023
*: Equal Contribution

Filter Representation in Vectorized Query Execution
Amadou Ngom, Prashanth Menon, Matthew Butrovich, Lin Ma, Wan Shen Lim, Todd C. Mowry, Andrew Pavlo
Venue: DAMON 2021

Permutable Compiled Queries: Dynamically Adapting Compiled Queries Without Recompiling
Prashanth Menon, Amadou Ngom, Matthew Butrovich, Lin Ma, Wan Shen Lim, Todd C. Mowry, , Andrew Pavlo
Venue: VLDB 2021

Mainlining Databases: Supporting Fast Transactional Workloads on Universal Columnar Data File Formats
Tianyu Li, Matthew Butrovich, Amadou Ngom, Wan Shen Lim, Wes McKinney, Andrew Pavlo
Venue: VLDB 2021

Everything is a Transaction: Unifying Logical Concurrency Control and Physical Data Structure Maintenance in Database Management Systems
Ling Zhang, Matthew Butrovich, Tianyu Li, Andrew Pavlo, Yash Nannapaneni, John Rollinson, Huanchen Zhang, Ambarish Balakumar, Daniel Biales, Ziqi Dong, Emmanuel J Eppinger, Jordi E Gonzalez, Wan Shen Lim, Jianqiao Liu, Lin Ma, Prashanth Menon, Soumil Mukherjee, Tanuj Nayak, Amadou Ngom, Dong Niu, Deepayan Patra, Poojita Raj, Stephanie Wang, Wuwen Wang, Yao Yu
Venue: VLDB 2021


Software Systems for Data Science -- MIT
Spring 2022 TA
Database Systems -- Carnegie Mellon University
Fall 2019 TA
Distributed Systems -- Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2019 Head TA, Fall 2018 TA, Spring 2018 TA